Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 20, 2016, Does IQ Really Measure Intelligence

     Many people think that you IQ is the only source of how to measure intelligence. Studies show that there are multiple ways to measure intelligence. Adam Hampshire, PhD, says "There are multiple types of intelligence." He also states that "It is time to move onto using a more comprehensive set of tests that can measure separate scores for each type of intelligence."I agree with this statement, because as the human brain evolves, we will adapted to a wide variety of intelligence, so there can't just be one way to measure a wide variety of intelligence. Intelligence has definitely changed over the years, and a test that was invented for the U.S around 1916, cannot measure current day intelligence. As intelligence changes and evolves, we should also develop a test or tests that can accurately measure ones intelligence, an get a brief overview of their intelligence, instead of saying you are here, and will only get a little smarter.

    Does IQ really measure everyoe's intelligence? I say no, everbody s diiferent, so they all don't have the same intelligence, so why would somebody tell you how intlligent you are, based on a test.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The False Prince.

The exposition of The False Prince is on older times, with kingdoms, and castles. This particular book takes place, i'm guessing, on Europe, in a faraway land. Each town is spaced out, only traveling by wagon, may you reach you destination.
My favorite genre of books is fiction adventure, because it keeps my imagination turning. I really like to read on my bed, with my dog next to me. Some of my favorite books are, The Blood of Olympus series, The Divergent series, Eragon series. One of my best reading moments is at Los Ranchos, where I was recognized for reading almost two million words.

Monday, May 16, 2016

The Giver

The Giver
    Have you read the Giver book, and watched the movie? Well I have, and i’m about to tell you three reasons the book is better than the movie. Firstly, the book lets your imagination run wild, secondly, the book usually comes first, and the movie is changed in ways, so the book movie concept is confusing when the movie comes along, and lastly, you get connected with the book, emotionally, and mentally.
    First of all, the book puts your imagination to work. What I mean by that is this, the book describes the characters to you, or the scenery, and your imagination paints a picture of that character or scenery in your head, however you want it to be.For instance,in the book, the community is surrounded by other likewise communities that you can picture, but in the movie, the community is completely isolated with a cliff on all sides, and no communities around at all.  On the other hand, the movie ruins that picture, by putting an image in front of you, without your imagination picturing the image you would like anymore.
    Secondly, the book comes first, and the movie comes second, leading to changes in the movie, and the whole series of books and movies concept can get confusing. There were many changes from book to movie in The Giver.For example, the book is written in first person, and we watch the movie in third person. Another example is that the  chief elder plays a small part in the book, but in the movie, she is a antagonist, trying to bust Jonas, and wants Jonas dead near the end.  I feel that a huge change is that Jonas and Fiona are “in love” in the movie,and there is no sign of that in the book. I think that all of these changes are to engage the viewers, and the movie more interesting, but that is not necessary reading the book.
    Thirdly, you can get connected to the book, emotionally, and mentally. With the book, it is a span of about a week or so reading it, and i  that week you get connected to the characters, by feeling for them, and you just want to keep reading and reading. But in the movie, you watch it in one sitting and you don’t think as much  about the characters, and how they act, until the movie is over, and you forget some parts. In the book, the author goes through great detail describing the characters so you can understand them, but the movie is short, and simple. For example, the book really digs deep on why The Giver lies, but in the movie, The Giver lies to the Chief Elder for his own amusement.
     I conclude that The Giver book is better than the movie for three reasons. That the book triggers your imagination, the movie makes the book and movie concept confusing, and that you get connected emotionally and mentally to the book, more than the movie.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Special Memory

I read that some people have a special memory, where they can remember book pages, numbers, certain days, etc., and learn the memories in many different ways. I think his is bad and good, because if you remember everything, you can think of really bad, or embarrassing moments in life, and remember them vividly, and this is good, because we can use them for spy purposes, or just for ordinary life. I wonder what genes cause this mutation?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mr. Leonard Mead

I read that there was a man name Leonard Mead, that was different from everybody else. I think this because he is a writer, so he is more creative, and wants to explore the streets of his town. I wonder who is in charge of this town,because somebody had to make the decision to cu down from three police cars to one police car?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Ending Theories

I read that Lois Lowry received many theories about the ending of her first book. I predict that Elsewhere will hold a few secrets, like the other community, because everybody in the whole area has suffered greatly from something big. I wonder why Lois Lowry left us all hanging like that?